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Garden Consulting is like having a life coach for your garden! I am here to answer your questions, help you build confidence, and guide you in bringing your garden dreams to life. It is personalized guidance, suited to your individual needs and questions.


  1. You are a new homeowner and need help assessing your new home's landscape. I can help you figure out what is already there, what you may want to keep, and what you may want to move. I can also help you take what is existing and personalize it to your needs and tastes.

  2. You want to create a beautiful outdoor space but simply do not know where to start.

  3. You are a new gardener and you want to learn the basics of gardening (or you are an experienced gardener but you need help with a few specific things). I can come into your garden with you and provide one-on-one coaching on planting, pruning, seed saving, and other garden jobs to give you the confidence you need to tackle your garden on your own.

  4. You are feeling uninspired with your garden and need help and energy to reinvigorate the design and planting. I can help you re-imagine the space and create a garden that works for you and your family.

  5. You want to grow flowers, ornamentals, herbs, or fruits and veggies...but you feel overwhelmed by all of the information out there and unsure where to start. I can help you get started!

  6. You have an idea (or lots of ideas!) for your garden...but don't quite know how to start...


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