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Hi! My name is Jenna Catsos, and I am the woman behind Pen+Pine. I am a life-long maker and proud aquarius, committed to do-it-myselfness and quality craftsmanship. Pen+Pine is the marriage of my interests in fine art, education, and the natural world. I am originally from Massachusetts and have found my way to the Pacific Northwest, where I live with my husband and my two cats. I love the excitement, creativity, and challenge of running a small business. A few other things I like: seltzer water, neighborhood walks, library books, rearranging furniture, acquiring house plants, ambitious garden projects, and opening presents. I am also a community organizer and public art enthusiast, involved in the annual Eureka Street Art Festival.

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Pen+Pine is my small illustration company focused on creating swoon-worthy, handmade designs. I hand-draw all of the illustrations, then turn them into products for you to give, receive, and cherish. The aim of Pen+Pine is to use illustration as a way to remind us all to slow down, follow our curiosity, and appreciate the whimsical nature of everyday objects. I hope my illustrations make you stop, smile, and look closer.

I run Pen+Pine from the small shed-turned-studio in my garden on the redwood coast in Northern California.


I founded Pen+Pine with the intention of creating high-quality products in the most sustainable way possible. Everything is printed and produced locally, using recycled materials and eco-conscious processes. All packaging is reused or recycled, and even the "plastic" sleeves for cards are plant-based and compostable.

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