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Hi! My name is Jenna Catsos, and I am the illustrator behind Pen+Pine. I am a life-long maker and proud aquarius, committed to do-it-myselfness and quality craftsmanship. Pen+Pine is the marriage of my interests in visual art, education, and the natural world. I am originally from Massachusetts and have found my way to the far northern coast of California, where I live with my husband and my three cats. I love the excitement, creativity, and challenge of running a small business. A few other things I like: bubbly water, neighborhood walks, making bouquets, library books, rearranging furniture, and ambitious garden projects. I am also a community organizer and public art enthusiast, involved in the annual Eureka Street Art Festival.

In 2024, I decided to bring my love of gardening formally into the business and launched Pen+Pine Garden Consulting. It is the natural union of my passion for gardening and my illustration background. You can learn more about my Garden Consulting here.

couldn't do it all without my fantastic assistant: Kate. Kate has been working with me since 2022 and handles the daily tasks of packing orders, managing wholesale accounts, and making sure we keep all of our goodies in stock. She is also a great partner in brainstorming new ideas, modeling products, and (wo)manning our booth at crafts fairs. 

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Pen+Pine is my small illustration company focused on creating swoon-worthy, handmade designs. I hand-draw all of the illustrations, then turn them into products for you to give, receive, and cherish. The aim of Pen+Pine is to use illustration as a way to remind us all to slow down, follow our curiosity, and appreciate the whimsical nature of everyday objects. I hope my illustrations make you stop, smile, and look closer.

We run Pen+Pine from our little office space (with a view!) in Old Town, Eureka, California.


I founded Pen+Pine with the intention of creating high-quality products in the most sustainable way possible. Everything is printed and produced locally, using recycled materials and eco-conscious processes. All packaging is reused or recycled, and even the "plastic" sleeves for cards are plant-based and compostable.

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